Buying and Selling Commercial Real Estate: Tips for Beginners

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Buying and Selling Commercial Real Estate: Tips for Beginners

Hi, my name is Maxine, and over the years, I have loved watching the property values in Australia rise. Through that time, I personally have bought and sold a number of properties and started to build up a savings account due to the money I have earned. In addition to earning money, I have learned a lot about real estate. I have picked up tips on everything from spotting a "diamond in the rough" to knowing when to be flexible on sales prices. If you want to learn about buying and selling commercial real estate, this blog is perfect for you. Please, take a look at these posts and enjoy reading!


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Two things to consider before you buy a retirement property

If you are nearing the age of retirement and are planning to purchase a retirement property, here are two things you will need to take into consideration before making this purchase. Your future requirements Before you begin the process of viewing retirement properties, it's important to consider what type of accommodation you may require in the future, when your health may not be quite as good as it is now. Read More 

3 Asbestos Considerations When Buying An Older Property

If you're handy around the house, then buying a fixer-upper property will help you save on some buying costs in the long run. But older style properties need careful consideration for a variety of factors, most notably the potential presence of asbestos, especially if the home was built before the mid-1980s. Consider these factors when buying an older style property to protect your interests. Consider Getting The Home Tested For Asbestos Presence Read More 

Top 5 Traits of A Good Real Estate Agent

Pouring money into a home could be the biggest investment you will make. Finding that dream home boils down to finding the best real estate agent. The real estate market is flooded with many self-proclaimed experts in the sector. The real estate sector has many entities including contractors, appraisers, property managers and bankers. A good realtor should, therefore, be capable of creating a balance between all these individuals. An agent's primary job is to coordinate all these arms into a functional unit in order for dreams to meet reality. Read More 

Executive Leasing: 5 Ways To Minimise Tenant Downtime

You can calculate the gross rental yield on an executive property by dividing the price you paid by the total annual income. Based on that calculation, the more you make from rental income, the higher the yield, so it makes sense to avoid any periods of tenancy downtime. Even if you have high tenant turnover, you can still minimise downtime if you learn from the experts and manage your property investment in the right way. Read More