Buying and Selling Commercial Real Estate: Tips for Beginners

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Buying and Selling Commercial Real Estate: Tips for Beginners

Hi, my name is Maxine, and over the years, I have loved watching the property values in Australia rise. Through that time, I personally have bought and sold a number of properties and started to build up a savings account due to the money I have earned. In addition to earning money, I have learned a lot about real estate. I have picked up tips on everything from spotting a "diamond in the rough" to knowing when to be flexible on sales prices. If you want to learn about buying and selling commercial real estate, this blog is perfect for you. Please, take a look at these posts and enjoy reading!


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Industrial Disinfectants: 3 Things to Consider

If you own an industrial unit, you will understand the importance of keeping the space clean. If chemicals or dirt are allowed to build up within your industrial unit, it could damage the products you are producing or lead to industrial accidents which could harm or injure your employees. One key part of keeping your industrial space clean is regularly disinfecting work areas. Disinfecting work areas will help to prevent the growth of harmful bacteria. Below is a guide to 4 things you should consider when choosing which type of disinfectant is right for your industrial space.

The surface compatibility

Before using a disinfectant for the first time, it is important that you ensure that the substance is compatible with the surface you wish to clean. If you use the wrong type of disinfectant, it may cause damage when applied to the surface. Before using a disinfectant for the first time, you should test it on a small area to check for any adverse reactions. For example, disinfectants which contain iodophors can have a corrosive effect on metal surfaces, while chlorine disinfectant can cause plastic surfaces to become discoloured. If you are unsure about the suitability of a certain disinfectant, it may be best to contact a professional cleaning company.

The spectrum of activity

Each type of disinfectant will be able to tackle a different range of harmful bacteria and microorganisms. This is known as the spectrum of activity. When choosing which type of disinfectant you wish to use, you should carefully consider the type of area you wish to clean. For general sanitation, it is generally best to opt for a brand which has a wide spectrum of activity such as hydrogen peroxide, as this will allow you to tackle a wide variety of bacteria. However, if you are planning to clean a specific piece of equipment, it may be better to use a disinfectant such as peracetic acid, which has a narrower spectrum of activity to target specific bacterial growth. For more information about the best type of disinfectant, you should contact an industrial cleaning service.

The formulation 

Industrial disinfectants are available in a wide range of formulations. It is important that you take the first to work out which formulation is right for you. For example, an undiluted liquid disinfectant can be cost effective and can be tailored to a strength which matches your needs. However, using undiluted disinfectant requires that your staff are fully competent at handling and mixing the disinfectant. If you feel that this will be an issue, you may decide to opt for a pre-mixed solution which can be applied straight out of the box. If you are unsure about the best type of formulation to use, you should contact a cleaning service for further advice.

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