Buying and Selling Commercial Real Estate: Tips for Beginners

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Buying and Selling Commercial Real Estate: Tips for Beginners

Hi, my name is Maxine, and over the years, I have loved watching the property values in Australia rise. Through that time, I personally have bought and sold a number of properties and started to build up a savings account due to the money I have earned. In addition to earning money, I have learned a lot about real estate. I have picked up tips on everything from spotting a "diamond in the rough" to knowing when to be flexible on sales prices. If you want to learn about buying and selling commercial real estate, this blog is perfect for you. Please, take a look at these posts and enjoy reading!


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What You Need to Know About Hiring Furniture Removalists for Your Move

Hiring furniture removalists is a great choice for helping you move, even if you don't think you own a lot of things and are only moving a short distance. Removalists can ensure everything is packed properly and safely and also ensure you don't injure yourself trying to move something on your own! If you are thinking about hiring furniture removalists for your next move, note a few factors to consider so you know what's involved in their services.

1. They may go through your drawers and closets

Removalists need to know all the items that will be boxed up and moved, and this means the clothes in your dresser drawers and kitchen drawers, and items kept in closets, under the sinks, in the basement, and so on. Don't feel as if they're being overly nosy when they open everything in your home, as they need to know how many boxes to bring and how many people will be needed to easily manage the packing and moving of all your items, including things put away in dressers and closets.

2.  It can be best to not box up anything

While you may think it would be helpful to box up some items beforehand, this can be a mistake. If you don't use the right packing tape, don't evenly distribute weight in the box, and don't note what is fragile, your items could get damaged while in their truck. They may stack something on top of a fragile box, or the weight in the box may cause it to slide around and then fall onto other items. Poor quality packing materials can also mean that boxes open at the bottom or otherwise collapse. Let them do the packing unless you're sure of how to properly pack and label items for the move.

3. Get rid of items before moving day

If you've told a removalist that a piece of furniture or other such items won't need to be moved because you think you'll be selling them, be sure they're gone before your moving day arrives. A removalist will plan on packing materials, personnel, and the size of the truck based on the items you say will be moved. If you still have a couch, bed, bulky sporting goods, or other such pieces that you said would not be moved, these things may literally not fit in the truck. This can also mean more work for the removalist and a bigger fee than you were expecting.